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This is the story of two educators on one journey. Each day we will record our reflections on the process of being involved in an innovative educational environment. The decision on our part to leave the public education system was deliberate due to our growing frustrations over the factory "one size fits all" model of education. This model has dominated the educational landscape and is not designed to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Step one in our journey was to find a place that would allow us the freedom to break out of the system. We needed a chance to just breath and facilitate learning in the ways that we both know are best for children. That step has led us to Rosemary Beach Florida to work with the students attending the OH Institute. The OH Institute is a unique educational environment that we find humane. The curriculum focus is on the individual learner with an infusion of technology project based learning. Currently, it has 20 students in grades 4-11 all of whom are seeking something different than what the factory system of education has to offer. This is where our adventure begins...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday 9/24 and Saturday 9/25 and Sunday 9/26

Weekend Update:

  • Five week family check ins-These are so nice to do. I get to hear about things going on with the families that we work with and have a chance to highlight the amazing things the students are doing every day. It is good to work in a community where we have the chance to meet and work towards a common goal. I wonder how can I translate this to future work with communities of greater need?
  • Tim and Paige meeting: We had a two hour meeting with our supervisors to look over their Language Arts standards spread sheet that they developed and to talk about the direction of HS language arts in general.
  • Blog-I updated the parent informational blog. Here is the link if you want to check out our informational blog: http://oh-info.blogspot.com/
  • Brain dump systems and structures in place. I did this on Sunday and it has helped me with my thinking in terms of how to structure things.
Friday September 24:

Today was a great day of finishing projects for high school and middle school. The middle school project on tarantulas has been sent to multiple experts and I'm excited to see what the response from them will be. High school has put together a project on hybrid cars that is a four way, multi directional slide show.

Today started with a meeting with Tim about elem curriculum and HS language arts. I went on to the parent meeting feeling a bit out of sorts from my first meeting with Tim because we had to meet in a hurry. I had a great time with the students the rest of the day. Whenever things look strange or I feel a bit down it is always nice to come in and work with the students. Today I did the high school check ins and many were falling behind so I did some goal setting with all of them for things to accomplish over the weekend. We will see how things look on Monday.

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